by Majjin Boo

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released April 17, 2016



all rights reserved


Majjin Boo Richmond, Virginia

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Track Name: Criminal
I don't fear death like an animal
We both confide in the same criminal

Braced for bad news, kept steady by a rock
Born to break my back against the clock

My mind drifts out to sea
Where I can be alone with my disease

In the right light each line looked more like you
Carved out of sandstone, sullen through and through

When the path unfolds, I'll be there
To be your hold
Adam shoots to miss, ever the fine marksman
What I can't say works itself out

In poor taste I dressed myself to resemble the hillside
Bare and forgettable
Track Name: Howl
Phased out
Lately I don't know what I'm about

New Moon
There's no forgiving the way I tested you

It moved so slightly
A dead scent settled beneath the wind
Still I saw something slowly closing in

I caught a glimpse of the werewolf
No one else held on for as long
Panic begets the use of my two fangs
So strong was that hand
I don't know if I knew what I know now
Silver hair on a black shroud

It's like that in my head
A grease trap, no easing in

Retracted from the morning sun
I'm born again to no one
Can't divide from the way I was
Track Name: Raised by Kings
Entangled in the objectivism
You couldn't show your face for weeks

Raised by kings she said fuck the system
Now we know what you need

Sinking in the Subjectivism
I saw you for more than the beast

Live along a path that's always hidden
Here remains your printed feet

They stole your howl in the night
I barely recognize you
Still they're quick to prescribe a cure

I got the message you sent
from out beyond the tree line
to bring the justice that they deserve

In your after life
Did you see it right
Did you read straight through
The party line

I'm not convinced
The time you spent
Was worth the weight
Of the words we invent

No, I'm not convinced
you were the menace we must forget
I've got the proof right here
In this manipulated document

I'll leave it in the place
where they separated
your words from your face
Before I fall away
I won't let your name be disgraced